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Gets up toEDACRelated departments with the predecessor of the Chinese government institutions,2000Years in the UK government's department for international developmentDFIDFunding and pricewaterhousecoopers consultingPWCCEstablished under the assistance,Mr To implement China's then premier zhu rongji led by China“State-owned enterprises restructuring and enterprise development project”SOERED,Is known as China consulting“Huangpu issue”。At present,Business covers consulting group、The capital and the Internet。

Gets up to share among the Chinese management consulting agency for a long time50To be strong,As a country、Main duties at the provincial level industry association,It happened32Independent intellectual property rights,Selected in a row“Chinese management consulting good example”,As the industry leader,Has been successfully listed on China's new three board(Stock code 872494),Is the first batch of Chinese management consulting industry land capital market institutions。

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Gets up to stake is committed to the organization of service industry leading and outstanding reputation,For professional layout3+2+1,The three business areas(Management consulting、Data services、Investment Banks)、Two industry center(The center of the power industry、Higher vocational education center)、A think-tank(China's higher vocational education development, a think-tank)。

With its extensive global resources and international leading consulting technology,Gets up to stake combining deep understanding of local business environment and best practices,Use“7 Keys ”Project management techniques,Help many large and medium-sized enterprises、The government and institutions in the business development、Operations management, and other fields has achieved fruitful solution。

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